“Disparager are from Brooklyn, New York and play metal or hardcore, or post-rock, or whatever you want to call it. Above all else though, Disparager are fucking badass. ” – Pure Grain Audio

"An overall mesmerizing sound." — Diffuse Brooklyn

"Devastating assault on the senses." — Heavy Metal Time Machine

"An antidote to the fake music that clogs up the airwaves like fat in an old man’s arteries." – Hellbound

Brooklyn, New York’s DISPARAGER has always had the crazy notion that music is art and that art is never a means to an end but an end in itself. Formed just last year, the band is an extension of frontman Chris AhKao regaining his life from personal demons and the guys’ debut EP, Timeless, Ageless, is a testament to that.

Recorded with producer Jay Maas (Defeater, Bane, H2O, American Nightmare, Polar Bear Club), Timeless, Ageless is bursting with dense rawness and precision while pushing the boundaries of metal with tracks like “At Least I Still Have Bon Iver” – half folk song, half crushing mix of Isis and Slayer – and “Pictures” – a time signature mindfuck the band is proud NOT to call prog rock.

As AhKao explains, the band’s music is meant to showcase a “refusal to settle, to compromise, to live any other life than that inspired by unwavering intent, self-expression and integrity.” Because, at the end of the day, that’s what DISPARAGER is all about.

Chris AhKao - guitar, vocals
Jason Kim - guitar
Collin Stables - bass
Marcus James - drums